Who is Texas Gun Girl?

Dr. Janie Christine (aka jc.) Cauthen

Dr. Cauthen's life goal is to learn new things and invest in the lives around her, so when the opportunity to assist teaching handgun and firearm safety courses was extended she was very interested. Having limited experience around firearms, she was uncertain at first what she could offer as an instructor, yet she soon realized that she was like most people. Most people do not have the opportunity to be around firearms yet truly want to learn. Owning and carrying a handgun is a privilege and a responsibility and many, like her, want to be able to protect themselves, and yet do not know where to begin. As an NRA Instructor certified in Pistol, Rifle, and a Chief Range Safety Officer (can qualify RSO's (Range Safety Officers)) as well as a TX DPS LTC Instructor she is more than capable to help people get started in the process. She has also an NRA recruiter and TX (US) Law Shield representative.

Dr. Cauthen is a resident of the beautiful Texas Hill Country. She is the eldest of five and a fourth-generation farm girl from rural Iowa, where her family still resides and farms. Her experience in leadership and training is grounded from agricultural, academic, and professional experiences, along with her formal education. She moved to Texas in 1997 to attend Dallas Theological Seminary, in Dallas, Texas, where she graduated in 1999 with a master's degree in Christian Education, Educational Leadership. Dr. Cauthen received a terminal degree in August 2009, in Strategic Leadership from the School of Business & Leadership at Regent University, in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

She enjoys learning new things, reading, writing, traveling, designing, being outside, creating new things from old treasures, and developing innovative & fresh ideas to address relentless persisting problems. She lives a life of education and adventure, viewing both as a treasure to be obtained every day. She believes life to be about the journey and is always seeking how to involve as many people as possible in her ventures.

She believes working with people in coaching, training, or speaking/presenting environment to be a privilege and an honor. She enjoys people and the opportunity to help them gain awareness and learn how to cultivate relationships at a new level. She is able to present multiple topics (beyond firearms) in a transferable way that presents a challenge of awareness for all who are listening and participating. Participation and application in life are key. She will get you to think in a new way, challenge what you have known to be true, not to disprove it but improve on yourself!

Please check out www.CauthenConsulting.com to learn about training programs that she has available for individuals, groups, and communities.

About Texas Gun Girl

Texas Gun Girl is owned by Janie Christine (jc.) Cauthen. Texas Gun Girl, or TXGG, is a Central Texas based organization (est. spring 2017) that instructs courses in TX DPS License to Carry (LTC) and NRA Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, and Range Safety Officer. She is committed to the education of the safety of firearms and their use.

COMING SOON: Texas Gun Girl will have cute and couture designed western style cross-over apparel and accessories for women and men all over the world. They will offer cute t-shirts and caps as the beginning of a brand of Texas Gun Girl attitude to share with the world. jc. has always had a “thing” for fashion and the blending the western and classic fashions with the current trends of fashion and comfort. Besides t-shirts and caps, be watching for accessories (hats, jewelry, scarves, etc.) to fancy up simple outfits that are already in your closet, along with new ideas and pieces in application of classic concepts to create personalized and individualized style in a new way.

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